How to find time and enjoyment for exercise in your life - STRONGMom

We all know that exercise has amazing benefits to our body and mind. But let’s face it, it’s not always easy to find energy to work out and follow a good workout routine, especially when you are pregnant or a mom! When your energy is lacking, your body is tired and aching, and the couch is calling your name loudly, it can be hard to motivate yourself to work out. Here are a few tips on how you can overcome that, find motivation, and find a healthy balance in your life:

Sometimes less is more! It’s better to do a little bit but often instead of doing one bigger workout once a week! Aim for being active throughout the day and try to find ways to move your body.

Daily Activities

Incorporate more activities in your life on a daily basis. For example, park a block away and walk the rest of the way, ride your bike, clean/fix/organize your home, take the stairs instead of the elevator, and so on. No need to make it complicated, just move your body and incorporate exercise throughout the day. Another thing that’s important is to listen to your body. If you didn’t sleep well or are exhausted, modify the workout to a lighter one or go for a walk instead of pushing your body too much.

Workout at Home

You do not need a lot of equipment. As a matter of fact, you need none, to work out.
But a mat, bands, and light weights would definitely make it a little more interesting and challenging. This is one of our main goals, to make it convenient and efficient for you to work out. STRONGMom app includes over 130 exercises for all stages of motherhood which you can do at home at your convenience. Working out at home does not only save you money in gym fees and child care, it will also save you time. My favorite workout is at home, when my daughters are asleep, on the mat, and just doing a few exercises and having some well needed “me time”. Working out at your convenience, when you are energized, when you have time and at your home, might give you the best benefits.

Playground or Parks

Make it fun! The playground has lots of great structures that could be used as equipment. So when the kids play around you can join them and play as well and voila, your workout is done!! You can easily squeeze in exercises like step ups, push ups, squats, and lunges during play time. I often bring an exercise band with me so I can do some low rows, reverse flys, and bicep/tricep exercises, for example.

Work Out with Friends

I love my friends and love spending time with them and we want to make the most of our time together. Since we are all moms and pinched for time we go for hikes, bike rides, gym workouts, or exercise classes and move our bodies together. Be active with your friends,