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When I got pregnant with my first child I didn’t have a good work out plan with good exercises I could do as pregnant. I was afraid to make mistakes and put myself or my baby in danger. Once I had given birth to my daughter and all the hormones, feelings and everything came working out rescued me! Maybe you’re in that situation right now?


That’s when STRONGMom App was born

 We saw what many moms around us was asking for. We asked pregnant women if they knew which exercises they could do, and many didn’t. A lot of the women who had been active before getting pregnant stopped being active at all or maybe only taking easy walks every now and then. Once you have become a mom a lot of time and energy goes into the new life. So when we created STRONGMom we wanted it to be easy for pregnant women and moms to use! Just open the app and follow the adjusted plan for you. You enter which period you are in and the app takes you to which exercises you can do during that period. It should be easy to work out and to work out safely! We also know that time is of essence so we created different options so that everyone can work out according to their time and ability.


Follow the exercises in the work out bank.

To enter your due date when you are pregnant and do the exercises the app takes you to is an easy way to start working out during your pregnancy. Doing so you will know which exercises are good and safe for you and you will get a full body work out. We have focused on strengthening your body for giving birth and every exercise has been chosen to fit each trimester. Strengthening the back, core and pelvic floor is important. After pregnancy we have focused on strengthening the inner core muscles and pelvic floor. You can start very slowly and easy doing exercises a couple of weeks after given birth, once you have been cleared by the doctor. We recommend that you work out 2-3 times per week as a beginner. Start slowly and increase as you get stronger.

STRONGMom Video: Due Date


Mark your favorite exercises

Another way of creating a good work out plan is to use the favorite function. Let’s say you don’t have much time or your motivation is low. Then you can just go to your favorite exercises and just do the ones you think are fun to do. We recommend that you keep the list short so your over all work out takes 10-15 minutes, maybe 3-5 exercises. If you get in to a good mode you can just add exercises as you go.

STRONGMom Video:Favorite exercises

Work out plan in your calender and track your work out.

To get your work out done it’s always a good idea to have a work put plan. That’s why we created a calender where you can plan and schedule what you want to do. We recommend that you follow the recommended exercises for your trimester or period after pregnancy and how much time you have. Try to get 2-3 work outs done per week and 30-45 minutes per time. If you don’t have that time it’s better to do some in a shorter amount of time than none at all. It’s also a good idea to plan 2 weeks ahead. Once you have completed an exercise you just check the box that it’s done. You will always be able to go back and track your workouts.

STRONGMom Video: Work Out Plan

Once you have a plan it’s easier to plan everything else. Maybe you need a babysitter?


I always dressed in my work out clothes and do a couple of the exercises here and there while the baby was sleeping for example. Sometimes they were in a good mood and I could get the work out done together with my baby.

STRONGMom App should be your friend that follows you on your journey. Don’t have too high demands on yourself! If you need to sleep and rest, do that! Work out another day! Your body will thank you for investing in your mind and body to make you STRONG for life!


I hope this has inspired you to start with a work out plan!

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