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Sometimes the stress of being a mom, the family, working, not getting enough sleep, it can all become overwhelming. The feeling of not being enough, having a lot to do can make you feel like you don’t keep up with your own body. We have a way for you to find your inner balance and resolve some tensions in your body in only 7 minutes Slow movements.


Fundamental movement skills

We are born with nine fundamental movement skills. For the ones with kids you will easily recognize them since you can see it in their development. It is rolling, snake, jump, crawl, support themselves, walk, run and climb. If you observe a child doing this it looks so easy. What’s important is to keep doing these movements throughout your life. Join your kids when they play, maintain your movement skills and make them work together with your coordination.


Muscle massage for tensions 

The older we get the more we get in to everyday life filled with responsibilities, maybe no exercise at all and sitting still a lot. That creates tensions in our body, we get shoulder pains, headaches, back pains etcetera. To release the tensions we might book a massage which makes it feel better at the moment, but the problem remains. The tensions in your muscles are there because the brain sends signals of stress and inactivity which creates blockings in your nervous system and ends up in your muscles being strained.


Slow movements

 Slow movements will help you enhance your fundamental movement skills. By practicing slow movements your inner muscles will be activated. All joints should be activated in each move you make in the exercise. The breathing during the exercise should be slow inhale and slow exhale. The stress should go away and your nervous system will be unblocked to enable you to start doing certain movements. You don’t have to start with doing a roll you can just start with simple basic movements. For example you can crawl as slow as you can. Or even more basic, just sit on a chair and breath while you turn your head really slowly to the right.


Start each day with 7 minutes and do the same exercise every day. Do it and feel what happens to your body. A good idea is to right down how you felt before and what you feel after. Do this for 7 weeks and see if there is any difference for you. Hopefully your mental presence, body control, breathing and your energy has improved. Most importantly the stress and your tensions should have gone away. Increase the difficulty level in your exercises once you feel you have mastered the first exercise. What happens when you do the slow movements it’s that your cerebral hemisphere are working at the same time and develop the connections between them and the nervous system that runs through the body and creates the patterns to release the tensions in your muscles.


Exercising slow movements is something that can be fun and you can also get the whole family to do them!


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