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Congratulations! You are pregnant and want to give your baby and yourself a happy, healthy pregnancy. But maybe you feel worried or insecure about which exercises you can do throughout your pregnancy? Then this is the perfect article for you to read. Research shows many positive effects of working out during pregnancy, especially doing strength training. STRONGMom app has you covered: we have collected our 10 favorite prenatal exercises in this blog. All the exercises can be done during the whole pregnancy, and you can download our STRONGMom app for more information and many more pre/postnatal exercises. For more information about why you should work out during pregnancy, read our article: Benefits of working out during pregnancy.


Here are our favorite strength exercises during all stages of pregnancy. These 10 exercises cover the whole body and can be done through all stages of pregnancy. If you are a beginner, start with 2 sets of 12 repetitions of each exercise then build up to 3 sets of 12. For more instructions and videos download our STRONGMom App, in APP Store or Google Play. The app also includes many more appropriate exercises for your pregnancy.


STRONGMom: Deep Breathing

STRONGMom: Deep Breathing


  1. Deep Breathing

Breathe! Breathe with deep, natural breath and let each breath connect with the deep core muscles and the pelvic floor. Start each workout with a deep breath and strengthen the deep core. Breathe in, naturally, fill the rib cage gently with air, down to the diaphragm and belly, and let the breath finally reach the pelvic floor. Carefully breathe out, and let the belly slowly sink back towards the spine and the pelvic floor go back to its natural position.

STRONGMom: Low Row

STRONGMom: Low Row


  1. Low Row

The low row strengthens the mid-back and upper body and is the perfect exercise for a good posture. A strong upper body will help you when you start carrying and nursing your baby. Sit tall, gently activate the core, breathe comfortably, and keep your shoulders down and back. Maintain good posture throughout the whole exercise.

STRONGMom: Squat

STRONGMom: Squats


  1. Squats

Strong legs, butt, and hips can help prevent injuries and complications during the pregnancy. Squats are great and can easily be modified so plan to incorporate squats in all stages of prenatal workouts. Place your feet shoulder width apart, maintain proper posture, and slowly bend your knees to about 90 degrees. Make sure you can maintain proper posture as well as gentle core activation. Download STRONGMom App for modifications of squats.

STRONGMom: Pushup


  1. Push Ups

Push ups, ladies! Strengthen the upper body with push ups so you have strength to carry the baby, car seats, and all the other equipment that this period will bring. Gently activate the core, and maintain a neutral spine while doing the exercise. Push ups can easily be modified later in the pregnancy and you can find them in the app.

STRONGMom:Reverse fly

STRONGMom:Reverse fly

  1. Reverse Fly

Strong shoulders and upper back can prevent shoulder pain and tightness, especially at the end of the pregnancy. You can use bands or dumbbells in this exercise. Stand tall with soft bent knees, activate the core, and breathe naturally throughout the exercise. Keep the elbows soft, keep the shoulders down and back and pull the band out, go slowly back to start position.

STRONGMom: Side step

STRONGMom: Side step

  1. Side Step

This is another one of our favorite exercises! Side steps both strengthen and stabilize the hip and glutes. You can also work on your posture while doing this exercise. Bend the knees slightly, activate the core gently, and breathe naturally. Take one step to the side and then slowly return to start position. Use exercise bands or mini exercise bands.

STRONGMom: Wall Sits with Shoulder Retraction “Snow Angels”

STRONGMom: Wall Sits with Shoulder Retraction “Snow Angels”


  1. Wall Sits with Shoulder Retraction “Snow Angels”

This great full-body exercise strengthens the mid-back, core, and legs and can be done in all trimesters. Bend your knees a little deeper to make it a little harder. Maintain good posture, breathe naturally, and do smooth arm movements, like you are making “snow angels”.

STRONGMom: Bicep curl


  1. Bicep Curls

You are going to hold and carry your baby a lot so strengthen your biceps with this exercise. It will strengthen the biceps as well as your posture. Stand tall with a neutral back, gently activate the core, have soft bent knees, and keep the shoulders down and back. Breathe naturally and maintain proper posture while performing this exercise.

STRONGMom: Clams


  1. Clams

Clams strengthens the glutes, but don’t forget to gently activate the core during this exercise. Make sure the form is correct during this exercise. Do the exercise in a slow and controlled tempo without rotating the hip to get the best activation in the muscle. Lift the top leg, make sure the heels are touching, and avoid rotating the hips. Strong glute muscles stabilize the hips and can prevent injuries during and after pregnancy.

STRONGMom: Triceps

STRONGMom: Triceps press


  1. Tricep Press

Strengthen your triceps with this exercise. You can use either dumbbells or exercise bands. Remember to maintain good posture and breathe naturally during the move. We use bands here but you can find other tricep press options in our STRONGMom app. Stand on the band, place the elbow by the ear, extend the arm, and slowly return to the start position.


We at STRONGMom hope to inspire you to start or continue your workout routine throughout and beyond your pregnancy. For more information and motivation read our other blogs or download our STRONGMom app. We wish you the best of luck and please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. STRONGMom, STRONG for life.

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