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Congrats! You are pregnant! Can you believe that a little miracle is growing inside you? This might be one of the most important period in your life and your health is so important for both you and your baby. Your health and wellbeing affect both you and your baby’s growth and development. Latest research shows that exercising during pregnancy have amazing benefits for both you and the baby.

It’s of course best to start your pregnancy journey healthy but it’s never too late to start a healthy lifestyle. You can continue your regular workout routine with modifications later on in the pregnancy. But if you are not use to working out, you should start easy and slowly build up with modifications later on in pregnancy. Read our blog 

Work out plan and support in your everyday life as pregnant or a mother!


So why is it so important to be active and healthy during the pregnancy? Studies show many positives effects for both the mommy and baby when you work out regularly during pregnancy with some modifications throughout the different trimesters.

Exercise has benefits on both physical and mental wellbeing and can help prevent major complications during the pregnancy. First of all, you want to maintain strength and stamina, not necessary break world records. You want to maintain muscle mass and focus on the muscles that support a proper posture. Read our blog “Proper posture during pregnancy” for more information. A strong body with optimal poster could also help with following:

  • Decrease the risk of lower back aches
  • Decrease the risk of neck and shoulder pain
  • Decrease pelvic pain

Prevent major complications

By working out and strengthening your body you could decrease the chances of developing a major complication by at around 25 %. Complications like, gestational diabetes, gestational hypertension and preeclampsia can be prevented by exercising during pregnancy and research didn’t find exercise would increase risk of miscarriage. A combination of aerobic and resistance training at least 150 minutes throughout the week is found to be the most beneficial.

Feel better, feel stronger and feel more energized

You can’t deny that the pregnancy can take a lot out of you, both physically and mentally. This is another important reason why exercise is so important. When you work out tons of amazing “feel good” hormones are produced which gives you energy, increases your self esteem and make you feel strong and confident. It can also lower the risk of depression and anxiety and the risk of postpartum depression. The hormones, endorphins, leaves a wonderful relaxed feeling in your body after a workout!


Prepare your body for labor

A strong, both physically and mentally, body can be better prepared for the labor and the process. The feeling of “feeling strong and well prepared body” is beneficial for your self esteem which can give you extra boost during labor. The research also shows that injuries, complications, the need of pain relief is decreased during labor if you have been working working out regularly during the pregnancy.


Better recovery

Another important benefit of working out during pregnancy is that you will more likely have a  better recovery. The recovery can be both faster and easier if you work out regularly during pregnancy. If your body is strong and have good stamina it can usually “handle” the labor more efficiently and therefore the better recovery. The physical and mental strength go hand in hand here and positively affects the recovery.  


Working out regularly during pregnancy brings so many amazing benefits for both the mom and baby. A strong, physically and mentally, can help prevent injuries and complications that may occur during the pregnancy. When we created out app, STRONGMom App, our main goal was to make a tool for all moms out there to stay strong and healthy throughout all stages of pregnancy and motherhood. All moms should be able to workout with safe, efficient, and appropriate exercises before, during and after pregnancy and feel STRONG for life.  

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