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I’m a new mom – Where should I find the time to work out?

Are you a new mom asking yourself the question – When am I supposed to have the time to work out? Having a baby can be really cosy but sometimes you might drive yourself crazy trying to do it all. You probably didn’t know that everything takes so much longer to do than you expected.

To have the energy for parenthood you shouldn’t have too high demands on yourself. You are a great mom! Focus on recharging your batteries when the baby is sleeping and find a healthy lifestyle where you gain energy. Sleep when you can, eat healthy and work out at home. Some days the baby might not let you work out as you planned. He or she could be in a period where they need to feel close to you. Don’t worry! We have some experience we want to share with you!

A great advice is to wear your work out clothes once you are out of your PJs. That has helped us so many times! We planned our days and we chose to change in to our work out clothes in the morning. That reminded us that we should get some work out done.

When you are a new mom we believe that it’s more important to get any work out done than doing it all at the same time. Take a couple of minutes here and there and do a few exercises.

A work out routine during one day could look like this

  1. Kegel Exercise while you have the baby next to you on the floor. 7.30 AM
  2. The mussel while the baby is next to you on the floor. 7.45 AM
  3. Balance while you are brushing your teeth. 8.00 AM
  4. Breathing while you are sitting at the kitchen table. 12.00 AM
  5. Toe raises while you are doing the dishes. 1.00 PM

Use your imagination to which exercises you could do during the day. There are so many wonderful and inspiring moms on Instagram you could follow! If you want inspiration on exercises and tips and trix to get your workout done follow us on FB and Instagram.

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