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New mom – Which 3 exercises are the most important to start doing?


Giving birth can feel like a marathon. Some have fast and simple births, some have to fight a little bit more. The body needs to recover from the experience regardless and you should let it do so! Don’t rush your body!

Think like this. You were pregnant for 9 months and it takes almost 9 months to recover. If you haven’t work out at all during the pregnancy you should take it really slow in the beginning. First time as a mom, if you had a normal birth without injuries, vi think you should focus on your breathing, pelvic floor and finding your core muscles. This you can do quite soon after giving birth and you have the energy to do it. Mix it up with taking slow walks to begin with.

After you have had you check up and been cleared by the doctor you can start working out in mom-groups, personal trainers specialized in pregnancy or you can follow the programs in our app for working out at home. Always start slow and easy and increase the level as you get stronger.

3 exercises that are important to start with

Kneepush. Core and pelvic floor muscles.

Lay on your back and pull your knees towards you. Place your hands on the knees and push them away from you. Activate the core. Hold the position for 10 seconds and breath normal and then relax.

Breathing sitting down

Core and Pelvic floor muscles

Sit on a chair and activate your core. Your back posture should be neutral and your scapula should go down or back. Your core should be fully activated and you should breath with your stomach, not your chest. Maintain your posture throughout the exercise.

Gliding legs. Core muscles

Lay on your back, bend your knees and activate your core. Let one leg slowly slide down while you maintain a neutral posture. Go slowly back with the leg to starting positive. Do the same with the other leg and breath.

The posture changes a lot during pregnancy which is normal.

The posture changes a lot during pregnancy which is normal. Think about correcting your posture during the day by stretching and activating the core, and push back the scapula. You could try imagine a thread going through your body that you are pulling up. Think about that while your walking, feeding the baby or doing other things.

In our app there are all exercises with description as well as you can easily schedule them as favorite exercises or schedule them.

You will find the app on the App Store and Google Play

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