Fuel your body in the healthiest way - STRONGMom

There are tons of different diets out there, eat this not that, cut out this, eat plenty of this … The list can go on! What you eat  is a very big part of wellbeing and food should be used as the body’s fuel. We believe in eating real food, home cooked meals, “clean eating” and well balanced diet. We believe in carbohydrates, good fats, lean protein, lots of fruits and vegetables and plenty of water! We limit sugar, processed food, saturated fats and alcohol. It’s of course ok to cheat sometimes and when you do, enjoy the food and don’t feel bad!


The nutrition is even more important before, during and after pregnancy. Before, when you are preparing your body for pregnancy, it’s important to start the pregnancy healthy, your body filled with healthy food, at a healthy weight. During the pregnancy, you do not only have to feed yourself, your baby also need nutritious food for energy and development. You do not need to “eat for two” during pregnancy, you just need about 300 calories extra per day.

After pregnancy, the food can play significant role in recovery and healing. If you are nursing you need about 500 extra calories per day.


We love love love water!

Water is essential to good health! But how much water do we really need per day? Studies have produced varying recommendations over the years, but in general your water needs depend on many factors, including your health, how active you are and where you live. Water makes up about 60 percent of your body weight and your body’s function depends on water. It flushes toxins out of your vital organs, carries nutrients to your cells and it’s necessary for your muscles and joints to function optimally. Lack of water can lead to dehydration and even little dehydration can make you feel sluggish and tired.

A general rule is to drink eight 8-ounces glasses of water a day but needs to increased if you exercise, live in a hot/ humid weather or pregnant or breastfeeding. Drink water (avoid sugary drinks) throughout the day, drink with every meal and drink extra during and after workouts. That will help you stay hydrated and alert all day!


Research shows that if you write down your food you are more likely to have a successful diet.  If you are trying to lose weight. There are great apps that you can use to log food that helps you keep track of calories, nutritional value and meal plans. Our favorite app Lifesum. It doesn’t have to be complicated but it requires some planning, organization and mental strength to stay with a clean healthy diet. Put your mind in to it and focus on your nutrition! Fuel your body in the healthiest way!