Moms – Here are 4 goals to start with after new year. - STRONGMom

Happy New Year! We are already half way through January and this is a time when many people start to lose focus on their new year goals! Here are our top 4 areas to focus on this year that could help you feel energized and happy throughout the year!

  1. Sleep sleep sleep

Can we ever get enough of sleep? Sleep should be prioritized and it’s a key stone for health. When we sleep the body recover and build back up after a long day. The recommendations for sleep is 7-9 hours a night and many of us don’t get that many hours. Lack of sleep for a long period can be harmful for the body. Sleep deprivation may cause memory problem, depression, lower immune system and overall feeling sluggish.

Getting a good night of sleep is the key to perform at your best during the day.

Turn all the electronics off an hour before bedtime, avoid having your phone by the bed, go to bed around the same time, avoid caffeine and alcohol are a few things that can help you fall asleep faster and sleep better.

We all know that the sleep can be a problem especially if you have small children. If you wake up during the night and your sleep is interrupted you don’t get the deep sleep your body needs. Do you what works best for you and your family! If co sleeping gives you and your family the most sleep, or sleeping in the same room but separate beds gives you more hours of snooze, go for it! The goal in the end is to get good, quality sleep for both you and your family.  


  1. Build Strength

     Strength training is a essential part of a training program. It has so many great benefits both for your body and mind. Not only does it aid in shredding pound the latest research also shows it helps maintain weight loss. Strength training also protects bone health and muscle mass. One of the best ways to stop, prevent and even reverse bone and muscle loss is to add strength training to your workouts. Strength training plays an important role in disease prevention and manage chronic conditions like arthritis, heart disease and diabetes. When you strength train your levels of endorphins will elevate, “the feel good hormone” which can help fight depression and anxiety. It will help you sleep better and improve your overall quality of life.

     Strength training is also very important during and after pregnancy to help prevent injuries, complications and discomfort. Strength training build a strong body and supports a proper posture. We made it easy for you and created STRONGMom app, the perfect tool to help you build strength and stay strong through life.   

  1. Nature

      Walking in the nature can help prevent depression A research from Stanford University shows that even a short walk a walk on a regular bases in nature can help prevent depression. Exposure to nature has shown repeatedly to reduce stress and boos well-being. So get out for a walk, enjoy the nature, get some fresh air and absorb the natural mood-boosters! If you have the ability to walk the kids to school or daycare drag them along!

  1. Eat colorful food

Load up on tons of colorful fruit and veggies that are filled with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants! That could increase your energy and fight that nagging fatigue feeling! Your immune system is also getting a great boost from which can help fight off the germs and bugs that are flowing during the winter months! So stock up on the amazing fruits like oranges, berries, and kiwis and veggies like bell pepper, sweet potatoes and tomatoes!

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