Finally! We are presenting our new STRONGMom Team members! - STRONGMom

Finally! We are presenting our new STRONGMom Team members!

We are finally able to introduce our two new members of STRONGMom Expert Team!

We are constantly working on expanding so all you STRONGMom members can be inspired, and get access to the recent facts about pre/postnatal health and wellness. We are constantly working on updating and improving our website so you can feel confident in our product and services. We want to inform you, inspire you and be confident in living a healthy, and happy life and feel “strong for life”.

We create a expert team, meet our team members!

We are super excited to add to amazing ladies to our expert team so we can broaden our knowledge bank and provide the best service. Our first expert is Sandra Winberg, she is a midwife and doula from Stockholm, Sweden. The earned her masters at Karolinska University but now live in Mill Valley, just outside San Francisco. She is truly amazing, lots of knowledge and experience and she’ll inspire and spread her knowledge from a midwife’s point of view.


Our second star is Bernadette Donovan, she is an women’s health practitioner, who has deep knowledge of gynecologic, prenatal and primary health care. She completed her nursing and advanced practice training at Yale University, where she also served as a clinical instructor for several years. We look forward to have her on our team and her


Team STRONGMom App; Our main goal is to inspire you, provide fact and provide the tools so you can be “strong for life”. We have a very exciting spring ahead of us and still have a few new projects that we’ll share soon! Sign up for newsletter to stay up to date and be the first to know about our exciting news, read more here! Next week you will get to know Sandra a bit more.