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In the week’s blog post you will know the midwife Sandra Winberg. We revealed last week that we are expanding the team with two more employees. Our goal is to give you as a pregnant and mother the whole and answers to many questions about pregnancy and maternity life. About issues related to physical, mental, exercise and well-being. In 2019 you will meet Sandra Winberg, where she brings up lots of interesting topics. In order not to miss articles from us do not forget to sign up for our newsletter. Below you can read about Sandra.

STRONGMom: Midwife Sandra Winberg

STRONGMom: Barnmorskan Sandra

STRONGMom: Barnmorskan Sandra

My name is Sandra Winberg and I am a registered nurse midwife and the newest addition to the STRONGMom team. I started my journey to become a nurse midwife at a University in Stockholm, Sweden, called The Karolinska Institute. In Sweden, I most recently worked as a registered nurse midwife at a hospital in Stockholm which provided antenatal, delivery and postpartum care. I am so happy to work with every amazing mom that I meet in my profession. Moms are wonderfully strong, both physically and mentally. We are able to put in an extra gear whether we are giving birth or in our everyday life.  As a nurse midwife and a woman I believe that we should focus on ourselves and what we believe in and not feel pressured by expectations that does not feel good. This is applicable before, during and after being pregnant. Exercise is a way to put yourself in first hand.

To me exercising means that I am investing in myself and my wellbeeing. I currently live and work in a town outside of San Francisco.

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