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Bernadette Donovan, welcome to STRONGMom expert team!

We are always looking for ways to inspire you and spread knowledge about pre/postnatal wellness. We, STRONGMom Team, believe in “STRONG for Life”, to stay strong and healthy throughout all stages of life, and our goal is to inspire you to follow that motto. We want to share information and our knowledge that covers all those areas. We are very excited to introduce our newest STRONGMom expert team member, Bernadette.

Meet Bernadette Donovan

STRONGMom: Bernadette

STRONGMom: Bernadette

Bernadette is adept at understanding the intricacies of a women’s body through a deep knowledge of gynecologic, prenatal, and primary health care. The all-encompassing nature of primary care allows Bernadette to understand the body and mind on a profound level. Though her approach to care is very evidence-based, Bernadette believes in individualized care and an integrative, nonjudgmental style. Which helps her build strong partnerships with her patients. She completed her nursing and advanced practice training at Yale University. Where she also served as a clinical instructor for several years. Before this, she spent time in Africa working with traditional healers and worked as a massage therapist in the Bay Area. Bernadette is a mother of 2 children and an active exerciser for strength of mind to deal with the stress of being a working mom and for strength of body to help her be a daily Wonder Woman.

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