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Pubis Symphysis Pain in pregnancy

Did you know that by the 12th week of pregnancy, that your body is physically ready to deliver a baby? The hormones responsible for preparing the pelvis to push a human head through a small cavity are Progesterone and Relaxin. PS- Has there ever been a better name for a hormone than Relaxin? If I die and come back as a hormone, I want to be known as Relaxin. 

As relaxing as Relaxin sounds, it can be anything but that. Relaxin can cause Round Ligament Pain which is the result of the tissue stretching and shifting the pelvis. That sharp shooting pain you feel in your groin when getting up from sitting or with rolling around in bed- yep, that’s it. 

Pubis Symphisis seperation pain takes this up a notch. Typical symptoms are pelvic pain, tenderness over the pubis bone and swelling but can include radiating pain to the legs, hips and back. I can diagnose this from the waiting room, when a pregnant woman shows signs of difficulty walking or has to waddle her way into the office. Sometimes the separation can even be palpated. Imaging can further be used to diagnose the degree of the separation. 

Pelvic physical therapy’s benefit to support, stabilize and relieve pain can not be underestimated. If I had it my way, every pregnant woman would have pelvic physical therapy at the start of pregnancy for perineal preparation. Giving birth can be compared to a marathon that requires physical endurance. Training and preparation are required to run a marathon and the same goes for labor. After labor, pelvic physical therapy can help to strengthen the pelvic floor and heal the body in order to return to exercise safely. With a diagnosis of pubis symphysis this is must for relieving pain and for optimizing healing of the pelvic floor. 

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