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5 tips to stay motivated to exercise during pregnancy 

We all know the benefits of exercising during the pregnancy for both you and the baby. But let’s face it, it’s not always easy to stay motivated to work out especially during the pregnancy. Maybe it’s lack of energy that’s holding you back, you might feel sluggish or you might not really be sure about how to exercise during the pregnancy. Here are 5 tips on how you can stay with the program, feel motivated and excited to workout and create a healthy environment for you and the baby!

1. Get your family and friends on board 

It is important to have the support from the family and friends during this time. Tell your loved ones about your goals, that you would like to build/maintain a healthy lifestyle during the pregnancy and that you would like their support. Maybe they would like to join you? Keep each other accountable, motivate and support each other. Be active together.

2. A little goes a long way 

You don’t have to work out for hours, every day all week long! A little physical activity throughout the week can do wonders. Squeeze in a few exercises during the day when the time is right. The recommendation is 150 minutes, moderate intensity throughout the week. Those minutes can be divided up in shorter workouts and you can mix both cardio and strength training. Consistency is important tho, it’s better to a couple of shorter workouts during the week than one longer workout once a week. 

3. Physical activity gives you energy & motivated

Think of exercise as a energy booster! Exercise releases lots of good hormones which make you feel good, especially afterwards! Also, remember all the benefits that exercising gives you and the baby. So even if it’s hard to get going and start exercising it’s going to give you great rewards afterwards! Go for a walk, hike, swim or do some physical activity that you enjoy! 

 4. Find prenatal fitness classes

 Nowadays many prenatal fitness classes, yoga and wellness classes are offered both online and in person. Find a class that interest you, that fits your schedule and that you enjoy. You’ll also meet other moms-to-be that you can connect with. They might also offer support groups or mommy groups at that location that could benefit you.

5. Hire a coach 

Find a coach that can help you plan and build a training program for you. A program will help you stay on track and adjust the workouts throughout your pregnancy. It also beneficial to have a coach to consult with if you feel unsure how to plan your workout, if you need guidance or if you just want someone to help you keep accountable.

The coach is also there to to motivate you, keep you accountable and to be your best cheerleader! When you hire a coach make sure the coach is specialized is pre/postnatal fitness and is well qualified in prenatal wellness. 

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