Playground workout  - STRONGMom

First of all, we hope you all are healthy as well as your family.  With the corona virus spreading in the world and many people are being affected our highest priority is to help you stay healthy and strong. This is a really uncertain and stressful time for many of us and especially if you are in a place in the world that are now under “shelter in place” and can’t get out as you normally do. Workouts and exercise are going to be a very important role in the daily routine and since many gyms are closed you are going to have to look for alternative. Exercise, and especially outdoors are going to be a great alternative! Outdoor workouts can help boost the immune system,  help you absorb Vitamin D and get you some extra fresh air. You don’t need any equipment since you can use the structures, so it’s free and fun! The children will also see you workout and prioritize your health, maybe other parents will follow and you can start a fun trend. 

Here are our favorite playground exercises. 

Do each exercise 3 sets of 10 (per leg) or rotate exercise and do a circuit. Warm up 5-10 min (walk or easy jog) before starting the workout.

Squats, with or with or without a child on your back. Make sure you activate the core and support your back.


Push ups. Use a bench or play structure and do slow controlled movements. 

push up

Plank on the swing. Just hold the plank or do small, controlled circles in both directions. 


Mountain climbers. Activate the core and do controlled mountain climbers.


Dips. Let the elbows point back. Keep the legs straight or bend the knees for more support.


Split lunge. Place the back leg on a step for a great exercise. Make sure both legs are bending. 


Single leg step ups. Use a step and do slow and controlled step ups.

step up

Row. Use a swing (baby swing works great) 


Sprinter. Put the back foot on a swing, and slowly sink backwards, then return to start position. Fabulous exercise for legs and glutes.  

You can find most of these exercises in our app STRONGMom. So download the app and bring it to the park. 
Friends, stay healthy! Wash your hand, eat healthy, exercise and protect your loved ones.