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Stroller walks are great for getting your body moving after giving birth. It is a perfect way to get out and get fresh air for both you and your child. We guide you so you can simultaneously strengthen your body and different things to think about when you start so you do not cause any pain or discomfort. Take advantage of the nice spring weather and get your workout in! Win-win!

Start with short walks

The basic rule for everyone is to start slowly and carefully. When you start after delivery depends on how your recovery from the pregnancy and childbirth have been. Coach Tilda’s advice to most people who do not have complications is to after a few days take a short, 10 -15 minute walk around the neighborhood and see how you feel both during and after the walk. If you feel pain or discomfort, especially in the pelvic area, lower back or hips, take it easy and wait a few more days. A tip is to take several short walks and slowly build up a foundation. Start with taking shorter steps instead of long steps and avoid uneven terrain and hilly walks. 
When you start to gain strength and stamina and your stroller walks feel easier, don’t be afraid to increase the pace and distance. Get your heart rate up, incorporate some hills and build up the distance.
Everyone is different!
If you have complications and injuries after your birth or have had a caesarean section, you should always consult with your doctor or midwife about which exercises are suitable for you to start with.

Wake up the pelvic floor muscles

About a week after the giving birth, you can start with light, but effective breathing exercises and pelvic floor exercises. That helps revive the deep abdominal muscles that have been overshadowed during pregnancy. It provides the basic strength needed before you start training.
– I did easy kegels and diaphragmatic breathing when I breastfed, but they are also good to do when laying in bed. It’s important to rebuild and restore pelvic floor function and deep core muscles before increasing the walks too much. 

Give yourself time

– For the first three months, I think you should avoid jumping, running, heavy lifting or doing intense core exercises like plank. Strengthen your body slowly, listen to your body and give it and yourself a year to recover and rebuild again after the pregnancy. Sometimes you probably feel that you can do more and increase the training too fast. That can cause complications or injuries later on if your body is not ready. That’s why starting out with gentle walks together with deep core/ pelvic floor exercises after labour can help you slowly regain strength and stamina.

Protect your back 

Be aware of your posture during your walks. We want to walk “tall”, so we avoid slouching, or tilting your pelvis forward or back (our pelvis should be in a neutral position) . Deep core activation helps promote proper posture. In our app STRONGMom we have specific postpartum training after pregnancy. Start with step 1 program and build a solid foundation then gradually move into step 2 in STRONGMom App.

Roll the stroller – the right way!

  • Walk tall and avoid slouching over the stroller. If you end up in the hanging position, slow down or shorten the walks. 
  • Keep light hands on the handle of the stroller and keep your arms slightly bent. Adjust the handlebars if needed.
  • Remember not to shrug or tighten the shoulders. 
  • Gently activate your core muscles and breathe comfortably. 
  • Wear comfortable shoes that give you stability and support.
  • Avoid packing on your stroller in the beginning, keep the stroller light.
  • Wear a pair of good training tights that support the abdomen and hips. Maybe your favorite maternity tights will come in handy in the beginning.
Training program
Week 1-2
Start with short 10-15 minutes walks, 4-6 times /week. It’s better to do several, short walks throughout the week then one long walk a week. Increase your walks by 5 min at a time.
Tempo: Walk in a slow and controlled pace, focus on your posture, pelvic floor and deep core activation.
Aim to complete 30-40 minutes of leisurely walking by the end of week 2.
Stretching: Finish the walk with following stretches; glute, hip flexor, quad and hamstring stretch
You can find all the stretches in STRONGMom App
Week 3-4
Warm up with an easy 10 min walk
Tempo: Now it’s  time to increase your heart rate slightly.
Power walk for 2 min walk at a moderate tempo, then walk easy for 2 min.
Repeat 5 times during week 3 and repeat for 6 times during week 4. 
Aim for 3-5 walks/ week 
Cool down with an easy 10 min walk
Stretching: Finish the walk with following stretches; glute, hip flexor, quad and hamstring stretch
You can find all the stretches in STRONGMom App
You can download our app and in the premium programs you have ready training programs to get started with your pram walks. Read more here!