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When can I get back to running after the pregnancy? That’s one question I get a lot from my clients and I hate to say it but there is no magic answer. There are some many factors that play a role, did you run before/ during pregnancy? Did you work out during pregnancy? How was your pregnancy and labor? Did you have a vaginal birth or C-section? How was your recovery from pregnancy and labor? The unswears to these questions determined when you can introduce running(or any high impact exercise) to your fitness routine. But one thing is true for all moms, rest and recover and rebuild before starting up an intense workout routine.
The first step is to recover and rebuild your body after pregnancy and labor. Your body needs sleep, rest, nutritious food and recover from pregnancy and labor. Another important part is to slowly rebuild the body from the inside out. Deep core muscle activation, hip stabilization, and pelvic floor function are three foundational areas that needs to be addressed. You can find exercises that focusing on these areas in our app STRONGMom. 
Next step is to build strength and prepare the body for running. Add lower body exercise, core and hip strength/stabilization. Squats, lunges, single leg squats, and hip raises are few of my favorite exercises during this phase. 
Third step, returning back into running. I usually start my clients with a walk/ run program and add more specific run strength exercises in this phase. That way the body gradually adapts to a higher impact. 
  • Week 1-6 – Recovery Deep – core activation, core and pelvis stabilization 
  • Week 6-12 Rebuild – Lower body strength, prepare body for running
  • Week 12 Start a walk/ run program to ease back into running and build up distance and pace.
Here are my favorite exercises that will help strengthen and prepare your body for running. These exercises can be added to your program gradually. I usually add them in the end of phase 2 and/or in phase 3. Ease in to these exercises and slowly increase the intensity as you build strength. 
Start out by doing 2 set of 10 reps per exercise (per leg) and then build up to 3 set. 

Exercise to prepare your body for running

running after pregnancy


For workoutvideo YouTube  (link)

Do not rush back in to running. Give your body the recovery and strong foundation that it needs. Slowly build up your body and prepare it for running and you will prevent injuries and complications. 


Disclaimer; Before starting high impact exercises, make sure build up a strong foundation, with deep core activation, core and hip stabilization and pelvic floor function. If you have any pelvic, hip, knee, lower back pain or discomfort or feel any other unusual symptoms please contact your provider.