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The best Pre/postnatal fitness app! 100 exercises divided in before, during and after pregnancy. Stay strong and healthy through all stages of pregnancy.

How does it work?

Easy, fun & essential training for moms

Browse exercises

Browse over 100 exercises with a video or picture and a description.

Plan exercises

The calendar helps you plan your workouts so you stay motivated and on track.

Log exercises

You can easily log your workouts and keep track of your progress.

Create timeline

Take pictures along the way during and after the pregnancy to see the transformation.

Save favorites

Do you love a particular exercise? Then you can save it as a favorite and easily find it.

Share progress

Share your success with family and friends on Social Media.

Before, During and After pregnancy

The app is divided into three different stages to help you choose appropriate exercises. Each exercise is carefully selected to ensure safe and appropriate adjustments to follow the pregnancy’s progress.

Before Pregnancy

Start preparing for pregnancy with safe exercises that build up a strong body.


The pregnancy is divided into first trimester, second trimester part 1 and 2, and third trimester part 1 and 2 to provide exercises that are safe for each stage of the pregnancy. Each exercise comes with a video and a description so you can safely perform each exercise. Simple put in your due date and you will be taken to the proper stage.


During pregnancy

Working out during pregnancy has many benefits for both the mom and the baby. It can reduce back pain, help prevent gestational diabetes, promote good posture, strength and endurance, and also improve the ability to cope with labor.


After pregnancy

It takes time to recover from the pregnancy, sometimes up to a year. The body needs time to heal and restore proper posture. The training is divided into four different stages to safely restore a strong and healthy body.

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    Sharon SvenssonChiropractor and mother of one child

    STRONGMom app is brilliantly designed, user-friendly, with very easy-to-follow exercises, targeting important specific muscle groups. I wish this had been available for my pregnancy 19 years ago!

    BernadetteWomen's health clinician & mother of two

    As a Women's health clinician who does prenatal care, I recommend the STRONGMom app to every one of my patients. It is an invaluable tool to help guide the pregnant woman though appropriate exercises to engage as the pregnancy develops and afterwards.

    AnnelieNurse and mother of two children

    After two pregnancies I didn't have any energy to exercise or for my children. I started to follow STRONGMom app on Instagram and began my exercise program with the app.

    AntigonaNurse and mother of two children

    Using the STRONGMom app I have been able to maintain and train my muscles the right way during and after my pregnancies. I had an easy time getting started to thanks to the customized exercises of the app.

    HelenaPreschool teacher & mother of two children

    After two children my body has naturally changed and I have had a problem with diastasis recti after my last child. With the help of STRONGMom app’s guidance and well-selected exercises ‘m starting to heal and get a better connection with my deep-core muscles.

    JasminaProject manager and mother of two children

    After my last pregnancy I didn’t know how to start exercising nor did I have time to go to the gym. STRONGMom app has allowed me to exercise at home while my kids are playing.

    BirgittaDigital marketer and mother of two children

    I have been working out my whole life, running, group fitness, weight training, and horseback riding. STRONGMom has helped me get back feeling strong and fit again after my two pregnancies.

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