Maria and Tilda grew up in Motala, Sweden, and they became really good friends at an early age. When they both were pregnant with their first child, they started to talk about the lack of information about exercising before, during, and after pregnancy. They partnered together to bring Maria’s idea of a pre/postnatal app to life. Their mission is to provide all moms with the tools to have a strong and healthy pregnancy and motherhood.

The creators behind STRONGMom App

About Maria & Tilda

Maria is a mother of two children. She has a passion for fitness and especially for pre/postnatal training. She is a certified fitness personal trainer at SAFE education and pre/postnatal specialist. She has worked several years with sales before her passion for fitness became her working lifestyle. Maria lives and works in Malmö, Sweden.

Tilda is a mother of two girls. She is NASM certified personal trainer, certified massage therapist, and a pre/postnatal specialist, with over 18 years of experience. She is a prenatal and postnatal fitness and massage specialist and her combined knowledge has given her a deeper understanding on how to fully reach her client’s potential. She has been working with moms and moms-to- be for over 15 years and her goal is that every mom is a healthy and strong mom. Tilda lives and works in Mill Valley,  just north of San Francisco, USA.

Our team

Marci Silverberg

Physical Therapist

As a Physical Therapist, I embrace the transformative power of pregnancy and childbirth as a springboard to helping women lead lives of greater ease, power and strength. Combining my experience in Orthopedics and Neurology with pelvic floor work, I provide holistic Physical Therapy services for Women.

Sandra Winberg

Midwife and doula

I started my journey to become a nurse midwife at a University in Stockholm, Sweden, called The Karolinska Institute. In Sweden, I most recently worked as a registered nurse midwife at a hospital in Stockholm which provided antenatal, delivery and postpartum care. I am so happy to work with every amazing mom that I meet in my profession. Moms are wonderfully strong, both physically and mentally.

Bernadette Donovan

Registered nurse

I am adept at understanding the intricacies of a woman’s body through a deep knowledge of gynecologic, prenatal, and primary health care. The all-encompassing nature of primary care allows me to understand the body and mind on a profound level.
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