Strong for life is a reaccuring sentence at STRONGMom. Both me and Tilda have young children and we can relate to a lot of the things you are going through as a mom. We are still dealing with sleepless nights, illness and depression after pregnancy. That’s why it was important for us to create a product that all pregnant women and moms easily could use.

Pregnant women and moms should feel that our tool gives them mental and physical strength. STRONGMom should help and motivate you to have an active life. It should be fun to work out, not something you have to do. With the app you should feel that you get a little bit of extra energy to deal with the day. You shouldn’t feel afraid to workout during your pregnancy. You who has become a mom should feel strengthened with our exercises so that you can get through the first period as a mom with weird seating positions, a lot of lifting and being up all night.

For us STRONG for life means so much more than big muscles.

It’s an amazing thing in life to become pregnant. As pregnant you get a lot of information on how to deal with parenthood and the baby. For us it starts as soon as you get pregnant. You take care of the baby inside you with the food you eat and hopefully with exercise. The first meaning of STRONG for life means to strenghten the baby growing inside you. Studies show that women who are active during their pregnancy has a better chance of reducing inherited diseases. To do exercises that strenghtens you is also shown by studies that it decreases risks of birth related injuries.


We don’t want it to be about you fitting in to your skinny jeans after pregnancy.

We want you to take the first year to focus on strengthen and rebuilding your body. You should do that to be able to carry your baby day and night, play, breast feed and simply feel strong during your first period as a mom! To become a mom is a big change in life! We don’t want to focus on just loosing wait or doing core exercises. We want you as a mom to think about the bigger picture, strong for life! You might have a hard time finding time to go to the gym. Work out at home in stead!


Your body is your house, you’re going to live in it many years.

The third meaning in STRONG for life is your own health, that you rebuild your body in a long term perspective. Invest in yourself and only focus on you for a little bit. Live an active and healthy life, eat good and healthy food. Recover by taking a moment and breath. Feel that you deserve everything in life! You deserve to feel strong!

We hope we have inspired you to a strong for life just for you!

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